Nuvaring for life and death

One of the most advertised drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, we are talking about the vaginal ring produced by Merck, Nuvaring.
After the Vioxx, another treat on the New Jersey company.
How much have Merck earned in recent years from the sales of this drug? 623 million in 2011, 686 million in 2013, 723 million in 2014, the year in which Merck negotiated $100 million in class action with 3,800 women, 83 of whom died.

It almost seems that these companies know the risks of the trade well and are ready to pay and pay a few small fines in relation to turnover.
Are they or are they not criminal organisations?

Among these 3800, we tell, thanks to the words of his mother, the story of Erika, who died 24 years after a double heart attack.

“We couldn’t wait to see our daughter again, Thanksgiving had almost arrived. One evening we received a call from her, but she was her boyfriend on the phone: Erika had gone into a coma. Then my husband and I immediately left to go to her hospital, and one of the first things the doctors asked us was if she was using contraceptives, when we told them about Nuvaring, they immediately removed it. The day before Thanksgiving, we were shown the lungs of Erika, full of clots. Then they explained that because of these clots, pulmonary embolism and then heart attack were a direct consequence of Nuvaring. You told us that you had been suffering from colds and leg pain for some time, but both the Erika and we never really gave us any weight. The next day, Erika died.
We thought we were an informed family, but we didn’t know about the risks of Nuvaring. We wanted justice, we wanted truth: so we decided to take part in the class action against Merck. It went wrong, we could not get a trial, but we refused to negotiate compensation. For us, it is as if the Erika died twice. Compensation is Merck’s budgeted expense, it’s their way of doing business at the expense of health. When we heard the FDA hearings about growing doubts about Nuvaring, it was said: Being pregnant is more risky than Nuvaring, that these contraceptives have acceptable risk factors. But is it acceptable to you that some women should be sick and die? This was a beautiful and good insult! Erika was prescribed Nuvaring for an ovarian cyst, off-label treatment, so not recommended by the guidelines.”

We don’t know where to start, I would say that history comments on its own.
Thank you Merck for taking the health of your consumers to heart.
Charlatans or unfortunate events?


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