Flu shot is deadly : physicians know it

People are dying in front of our eyes. That’s what can happen when you get your flu shot.

This is something big, I suppose.
That’s why I will share with you what I found on an italian facebook group.
Only phisicians are allowed in this private group.

Dear colleagues, today like many other times I vaccinated a patient but just 60 minutes later he died. He had lungs problems, kidney failure, hepatitis, but in these last days he was fine, he was just coughing a bit more than usual.

I examined him before the shot and he had no fever, no dyspnea, no humid noises, no edema slopes ..so basically nothing relevant, plus also the pulmonologist gave me the permission to vaccinate him. His daughter told me that he had like a grip in the throat , that his throat was filled with phlegm, and a few minutes later he died. (I stayed there more than half an hour because I visited also his wife.)

Do any of you have experienced something like this?”

Then another doctor replied:

” I was reluctant to speak out because I’m afraid to be attacked by our colleagues in the same way they did with other physicians that ,same as me, have stated that they were not going to vaccinate theirselves.

Now, exactly the same thing happened to me on Friday.

My patient was 82, she had nothing else but dementia, other than this she was perfectly fine but 45 MINUTES later the flu shot, her caretaker came back to the clinic in shock, the patient had died.

It could be just a coincidence, but…”


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