The Vegan Conspiracy

But what is all this respect for the animal?
Even plants have feelings!
Why this spasmodic attention to what you eat?
As if they didn’t crush ants while walking!
Who do they think they are to impose their world view?
We have always eaten meat, we have always eaten extremists!
What about proteins? What about the B12?
The vegan diet hurts, doctors say. Noble proteins are needed!
How can they put a cow in front of a person?
Think of the children who are dying in Africa!
Vegans? A religious cult!
Then how much does it cost to be a vegan?
How can you impose such a thing on CHILDREN?

As a premise, let us get off to a great start.

Who will have been the first human being to dare to compare his own life to that of an animal? To have voluntarily decided not to eat his carcass?
The great vegan plot has deep roots, perhaps as deep as man himself.

It is really difficult, as Cato said, to speak to the belly that has no ears. The potion of habit has been drunk. It is not easy to extract the hook of eating meat stuck as it is in the lust for pleasure
Veganism is not a fashion, it starts from a millenary idea. Greeks, Romans, Indians, Orientals: in all cultures there has always been an attitude of non-violence towards non-human animals. In short, it is enough to take advantage of the fact that it is a fashion.


In the history of man, labels have a function, that of cataloguing the different. And so it was from the Pythagoreans onwards. Even today, it is difficult to hear the word “carnist” around, and I thank Melanie Joy for having clearly set out her thoughts. If something does not have a name, it is not framed.

What if from today we changed this paradigm?
Just underline “vegan restaurant-bar vegan croissant”! Why not introduce the concept of “Carnist restaurant-Cornetto Carnista” and the vegan restaurant simply became a restaurant?
Take it as well as provocation.

If now this is seen as a fashion, can we give a touch of responsibility to the economic model of our time? Exploitation, of any kind, is inextricably linked to neoliberal name-calling.
I mean, there will certainly be people who follow this lifestyle because it’s fashionable, but I don’t think it’s right to lump all the grass together.
Also thanks to this conviction, the global market is turning in this direction.
Good or bad? Let’s say it’s not.
Definitely positive that today it is possible to enter the supermarket and go shopping in a quiet way, buy your salad and two artichoke burgers and you can go home with a clear and pure conscience.
What is negative, however, is the fact that we should also pay attention to packaging. It should be bought from companies that do not use turnover to finance the carnistic world. But giving in to labels is also relaxing, and allows us to connect with a group of people with whom you share a certain way of seeing the world. Don’t take it, it’s a general speech.
Thin concept, buy plastic salad or burger in 100 grams of packaging is not that disqualifies you, there are no referees and there is no possible consistency to 100% in this society, but implicitly you can go and puncture the tires of your vegan neighbor that goes to do the shopping in the market and brings with himself the bags for reusable spending, because he is no better than anyone.

That is, sincerely. Who believes they are the ones who go around by bike, shop at the market with their envelopes and perhaps drink water from the tap?
For sure he is undermining your existence and insulting you from head to toe. Maybe it will come up at home sabotaging your Easter roast. Want to see that then approaching you pitting data on herds and health?
You know this well, in reality when he tells you about the lands that have gone to ruin in order to raise cattle, or about the suffering that animals pass through, or about the food and water they consume, he is actually saying “You are an emeritus douche“.

If a vegan tells you “Do you know that most soya and corn is used for intensive farming? That most antibiotics do the same thing? That the consumption of water and land is infinitely higher to raise animals than to cultivate? That a plant diet is valid in all ages and prevents the onset of so many diseases?”
He’s actually telling you, “You’re a asshole, your life sucks, your girlfriend never loved you.

2+2 is 4, and science is not democratic.

In short, those who complain about the feared superiority of the vegans are pussy. Perhaps also illiterate.

Disclaimer : let’s remember, there are the eternal immature who are proud and you make it weigh, but it could be valid for anything.

Think that these vegans with their conspiracies and their vegetable extracts are corrupting all the highest authorities. The brochure of the Italian Ministry of Health during EXPO, the different papers of international scientific societies, the WHO recommendations. After years, they have also been able to influence WWF leaders, who warn “Meat consumption* threatens the Earth, appetite for destruction”

*and quinoa?

On the contrary, they have infiltrated the mind of the most important nutritionist in the world, who is often a guest at the Italian Porta a Porta programme.
“Prefer anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits and vegetables, meat and cheese are pro inflammation”.


Those associations, those doctors who recommend a vegetable-based diet, will be more and more. Will there be anything behind it? I cannot rule out that maybe there are some groups riding the wave for their own interests, but if we stopped at this point of reflection, could we then give credence to any social change? I do not think so.
Then, if we want to be shrewd, let us do so as well. Also on the other hand, however, that vegaphobia (a term I had never heard before of a few weeks ago) is more real than you think. Have you read of the child caught in flesh strokes in the face that committed suicide?
It will be a deformation of mine, but I do not see children following this lifestyle throwing cauliflowers and carrots at those who eat dead animals.
Speaking of children, I decided that I’ll give my children a pinch of cocaine in the lettuce, then when he’s big he’ll decide whether to continue or not.
Excuse me, this is so paradoxical that I could not avoid writing such a crackle.
This means “going down to that level”.

Carnival friends, prepare for headaches. Quiet, no one will ever come to take your steak off the plate.
Just do not tell me, freedom to choose what to eat: if we had been in 2017 BC I could also have understood you.
Enough justifications (and then who wants them?) 1. I like meat 2. I don’t care about animals so I don’t love them -> I think these are the most valid.

But the revolution has already started from the plate, from the choices we make every day.
Do not be afraid to choose, it is not so difficult.

That man is not a carnivore of nature is proven, first of all by his physical structure. The human body has no affinity with any creature formed to eat flesh. But if you’re convinced that you’re naturally predisposed to eat meat, try killing an animal you want to eat yourself. Plutarch



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