Flu shot is deadly : physicians know it

People are dying in front of our eyes. That’s what can happen when you get your flu shot. This is something big, I suppose. That’s why I will share with you what I found on an italian facebook group. Only phisicians are allowed in this private group. Dear colleagues, today like many other times I […]

Struggling with dogmas : a letter for Scientism

Dear scientist, I will not say that I love you, it would be dishonest, since I am not talking with a person I know. But I feel tenderness for your condition, yes : pain and tenderness, and I can say it because it is true. See, what I find tender in you is the evident […]

Cancer : in this way, we will never defeat it

How do you defeat cancer?   Dr. Richard Beliveau, Director of the Molecular Medicine Laboratory of Montreal “Too many people unfortunately talk about things they don’t know in the medical field. We have been developing medicines for cancer for 30 years for the largest pharmaceutical companies. Ours is one of the most important cancer banks […]

The Vegan Conspiracy

But what is all this respect for the animal? Even plants have feelings! Why this spasmodic attention to what you eat? As if they didn’t crush ants while walking! Who do they think they are to impose their world view? We have always eaten meat, we have always eaten extremists! What about proteins? What about […]

Vaccines are the new engine of the pharmaceutical industry

Vaccines are becoming the engine of the pharmaceutical industry.   When they tell you that the pharmaceutical companies earn more on drugs (i.e. on treating the sick rather than vaccinating them), tell them that the Italian Competition Authority itself has said: “The profitability of the vaccine sector – and in particular of the companies mentioned […]

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